Donation Mrs Ng Yuk Ying Wong ATrust

Founding AZSCA member Mrs Ng Yuk Ying Wong expresses appreciation for the excellent healthcare received during her recent admission to Auckland Hospital and generates a donation totaling $6000 for ADHB to further health care and research.







On April 20th our Association and Mrs Ng Yuk Ying Wong 英 presented a joint donation totaling $6000 for the A+Trust to further health care and research.

The donation was gratefully received on behalf of the trust by Dr Lester Levy, Chair of the Auckland District Health Board and Ailsa Claire, Chief Executive Officer of the Auckland District Health Board.

Also present at the ceremony were representatives of our Association Jilnaught Wong, Robert Wong, Mr Alex Cheung and Gilbert Wong, Communications Director of the Auckland District Health Board.

** Acknowledgement : Video news was reported by Mandarin Pages on 28 April, 2016.


AZSCA Chairman Professor Jilnaught Wong writes:-

“On behalf of the Auckland Zhong Shan Clan Association, I thank you for your kind donation to Auckland Hospital.

I would like to acknowledge Mrs Ng Yuk Ying Wong, a founding member of our Association and its Committee. Her recent stay at Auckland Hospital gave her first-hand experience of the terrific care she received and this experience has inspired her to ask members of our Association to support Auckland Hospital’s cause in caring for our people.

We are grateful to many members and friends who donated to this wonderful cause.

I would like to thank you and our other members who have generously donated the total sum of $6,000 comprising:

Donations collected by Mrs Wong $3,620
Donations collected at our recent Yum Cha function $1,276
Donation by our Association $1,104
Total donations $6,000

This sum provides a meaningful contribution towards the hospital’s acquisition of medical equipment.

I have written to the Chairman of the Auckland District Health Board (ADHB) about the donation and his Board is very grateful for this generosity. On 20th April, I shall accompany Mrs Wong to the ADHB’s Board Meeting when Mrs Wong will present the cheque on behalf of our Association, to the Chairman and the CEO of ADHB.

Thank you again for your generosity.


Professor Jilnaught Wong 黃志諾 教授