lynn lum 2016Lum Yun Leen (林潤聯) aka Lynn Lum

Lynn Lum has been a member of the Auckland Zhong Shan Clan Association since its early years and has travelled with the Assocation to China.

Lynn Seh Lum the youngest son of Lum Chin and Agnes Jury was born in Auckland on 4 April 1943. Lynn’s father Lum Seh Chin, from Gum Kei, Zhongshan, was a partner in the Jang Hing Fruit shop in Newmarket for 20 years from 1936 -1956. Lynn was brought up in Newmarket and was educated at Newmarket Primary school, Normal Intermediate, and Auckland Grammar. Lynn has had a enjoyable and varied working life.

After leaving school Lynn studied at ATI (Auckland Technical Institute which is now called Auckland University of Technology AUT) and completed his electrical apprenticeship. Lynn was the first Zhongshan Chinese to qualify as an electrician in 1964. Lynn went on to gain a New Zealand Inspector’s Licence and a New Zealand Technician’s Licence. Lynn worked at the New Zealand Government Railways as an electrician and rose to the position of Head Electrician there. In 1986 after 25 years of service he decided to retire and take a break from full time electrical work.

He has been a member of the Auckland Zhong Shan Clan Association since its early years and has travelled with the Association to China.

From the beginning of his working life Lynn was very interested in catering and cooking and took on a chef’s course (also at ATI) while working part time in the evenings and weekends at Manhattan and Trillos while studying and part time at the Ellerslie Racecourse Function Centre for over 30 years and still helping today. Lynn’s experience and expertise has been recognised and for more than 15 years he has been an examiner for the students at AUT, MIT ( Manukau Institute of Technology) and other tertiary institutes. Lynn is also a national judge for the New Zealand Chefs’ Association and judges at the National Culinary Competitions held annually in Auckland.

He has travelled widely and went to China 25 years ago –a highlight was visiting his father’s village of Gum Kei in Zhongshan. Lynn has taken a keen interest in Chinese community activities from his earliest years. As a young man he was a committee member of the Auckland Chinese Sports’ Club and followed the Double Tenth celebrations.

Lynn is also involved in the wider community. From the 1970s to 1990s Lynn was involved in charitable work in the Lions Club at Point Chevalier. During that time he was apppointed as Deputy District Governor of the Lions Club (202A) which included Auckland, Fiji and Samoa. For 47 years he has been a member of the Auckland Trotting Club. He hopes to make it to 50 years of membership!

Lynn is married to Jan Ng from Singapore, whose family orignated from Toi Shan Guangdong. They have been married for 43 years and live in Epsom. He is now enjoying retirement.

Lynn as a young boy knew many of the Zhongshan men who lived in Newmarket. Lynn tells the story of his father Lum Chin, good times in the fruitshop and gatherings of kinsmen for dinners and banquets at their house in York Street.