The Auckland Zhong Shan Clan Association Inc. (AZSCA) was established in 1984 to promote friendship amongst Aucklanders with recent or long-standing family links with Zhong Shan in Guangdong, China.

AZSCA is affiliated to the Zhong Shan Overseas Chinese Bureau and Local Authority Bureaus in the Zhong Shan region of China, and networks with other Clan Associations around the world.

AZSCA host events in Auckland centred around occasions special to its members. The Association also joins in celebrations with other Chinese and other ethnic Community Associations in Auckland, as well as local and national New Zealand events.

The key AZSCA events are:

  • Chinese New Year – in January
  • AZSCA Anniversary – in May
  • Mid-Autumn Festival – in September
  • Day/Weekend Trip – in November

The Association and its Committee welcomes suggestions from members regarding additional activities, events and news involving anything Zhong Shan related.

The Association is run by a committee of 25 elected members.

The current major office holders are:

  • President: Professor Jilnaught Wong
  • Vice Presidents: Lok Ming Yee, Simon Ng & James Wong
  • Treasurer:  Professor Jilnaught Wong
  • Chinese Secretarys: Sunny Huang & John Lock
  • English Secretarys:  Mary Wong & Kylie Hewitt

Contact Details:
Postal:                    AZSCA, P.O Box 28650, Remuera, Auckland 1541, NZ

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