Committee Members

Committee – elected 2021-2022 Chairman: Professor Jilnaught Wong Past Chairman: Alex CheungVice Chairman: Lok Ming YeeVice Chairman: James WongVice Chairman: Christine NgTreasurer: Jilnaught WongChinese Secretary: Sunny HuangChinese Secretary: John LockEnglish Secretary…

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Membership Info

Criteria Membership to Auckland Zhong Shan Clan Association, Inc (AZSCA) is open to all Zhong Shan descendants living in Auckland, their partners and children.  Acceptance of membership is subject to…

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The Auckland Zhong Shan Clan Association Inc. (AZSCA) was established in 1984 to promote friendship amongst Aucklanders with recent or long-standing family links with Zhong Shan in Guangdong, China. AZSCA…

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List of Previous Chairpersons

FoundingChairman1984-1986Charlie WongSecondChairman1987-1988Sam YoungThirdChairman1989-1992Tony WongFourthChairman1993-1996Jilnaught WongFifthChairman1997-1998Alun WongSixthChairman1999-2000Alex CheungSeventhChairman2001-2002Tony WongEighthChairman2003-2004Tony WongNinthChairman2005-2006Jilnaught WongTenthChairman2007-2008Jilnaught WongElevnethChairman2009-2010Jilnaught WongTwelfthChairman2011-2012Alex CheungThirteenthChairman2013-2014Alex Cheung

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