Please contact James Wong or Jilnaught Wong if you have any comments or suggestions regarding the agenda items to be discussed. We welcome suggestions and participation from all members.

Auckland Zhong Shan Clan Assn. Inc.
The 6th Committee Meeting, 2015

Time:        20 August 2015, Thursday, 7:00 p.m.


Chairperson:    Prof. Jilnaught Wong

Meeting Assistant:James Wong

Secretary:        Sunny Huang


  1. To sign the attendance
  2. Adoption of previous minutes
  3. Organising for the Mid-Autumn Festival
  4. Mahjong activity
  5. To review the progress, process and structuring of our Website
  6. Others
    • Reply has been sent to Chinese Overseas Affairs Office of Kwang Tung Province and Chinese Overseas Affairs Office of Chu Hoithat. AZSCA cannot organize any delegations to attend the Kwang Tung International Tourism Festival in October 2015 and also the 2ndGlobal Meeting of the Kwang Tungese in December 2015 respectively.
    • Initial planning for Zhong Shan Trip before Ching Ming Festival next year.
  7. 7 Next Meeting
  8. 8 Adjournment