Dear Members

The Association’s Committee is planning the 40th Anniversary celebrations scheduled for Saturday,18 May 2024. One project to commemorate this significant and momentous milestone is a 40th Anniversary Journal under an editorial team comprising Senior Editor John Lock and fellow Editors Kylie Hewitt, Peter Ng, and Vernon Choy.

Our Committee will write a history of our Association, and we welcome members’ contributions to the journal with articles that are of interest to a wide cross-section of our membership.

Topics may include:

  • Tour groups to Zhong Shan;
  • Interactions with related organizations in Zhong Shan;
  • The home city of Shiqi or Shekki (石岐);
  • Reflections on migrating from Zhong Shan to New Zealand;
  • Zhong Shan cuisine and specialties such as Shaxi braised pork belly (扣肉), gok jai (角仔), gum jar (金楂);
  • Day trips in New Zealand;
  • Our younger members’ academic successes;
  • Members’ successes and recognitions in the community; and
  • Other topics of interest.

Information for the submission of articles:

  1. Please submit a Word document and JPG files for pictures, photos, and drawings by email to as soon as possible but no later than 28 February 2024.
  2. The article can be in Chinese or English, and it will be published in the language submitted.
  3. The paper size is A4, the Chinese font is MingLiU 12, and the English font is Arial 12.
  4. The word limit is strictly 500 Chinese characters or 500 English words.
  5. Due to limited journal space, the Senior Editor and/or Editors will decide which articles to accept for inclusion in the 40th Anniversary Journal.
  6. The Senior Editor and/or Editors will edit and amend the article as appropriate for grammar and editorial matters, but they will not change the substance of the
  7. Because of the tight time frame for publication, there will not be a toing-and-froing between the editorial team and the author.
    We look forward to members’ contributions to our 40th Anniversary Journal that will document the proud history and achievements of our Association and its members. If you have any questions about our 40th Anniversary Journal or your proposed article, please email Senior Editor John Lock at

Best wishes

Emeritus Professor Jilnaught Wong