A number of submissions were received by the due date and the judges have been reviewing the entries.

The selection panel has decided to defer the update of our Association’s logo at this time.

Meanwhile, we thank all those talented young members who submitted valid design proposals and, as an interim measure, award each a token prize for their excellent entries.

We launched the logo design competition at our 33rd-anniversary dinner.

The purpose of our logo design competition is to encourage members and their children who are interested in graphic design, to show off their creative talent. As part of this process, we hope the logo creators develop a deeper understanding of the community.

The top three designs will be put on our website and announced in our 34th-anniversary dinner (2018). Winners will receive a cash reward and certificate. All other participants will receive souvenirs.
You all are invited to enter the logo competition.

  1. The requirements of logo design are as follows:
    1. The logo must include our community name in both Chinese and English.
    2. It needs to reflect the historical origins of our community, the spirit of the development of Zhongshan’s culture and heritage and friendship.
    3. It should be colourful and contemporary, but also work in single colour situations.
    4. Designs should be submitted on an A4 sheet or A4 sized PDF/JPG but each design must be able to be scaled down and still be readable if it was for example placed as a header on our web page. Something perhaps best visualised as about the size of a normal postage stamp.
    5. Participants need to have their name, contact details on the back of the draft or in the email submission.
    6. The design must be original and not be copied from any source for copyright reasons
    7. A member who is under 18 years old needs to have their parents’ names at the back of the draft as well as their own personal details or in the email submission.
    8. Submission: please email to info@zhongshan.nz Or post to P.O. Box 28650, Remuera, Auckland 1541
    9. The expiry date of submission: 31st of December 2017
  2. After the preliminary selection of the entries by the assessment team, Top three designs will be selected by our professional design advisors.
  3. Prizes:
    1. 1st place: $500 & a certificate
    2. 2nd place: $300 & a certificate
    3. 3rd place: $200 & a certificate
    4. Others: souvenirs

For more information, please contact: James Wong (021 977 287) and John Lock (021 163 7831)