Zhongshan is located in the south-central part of the Pearl River Delta, bordering Guangzhou in the north and adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao. It is the hometown of Sun Yat-sen, the great revolutionary pioneer of China, and a famous hometown of overseas Chinese. Zhongshan City is a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of Guangdong Province of China. Since ancient times, it has been known as the “land of fish and rice”. Zhongshan City is not only famous for its spiritual beauty but also famous for its simplicity and natural beauty. After the reform and opening up, Zhongshan City has experienced rapid development and is among the “four little tigers” in Guangdong. The diet in Zhongshan is mainly based on local raw materials. The cooking methods are also more Cantonese, with a light taste, nourishing, and pay attention to colour, fragrance, taste and shape. The food culture of Zhongshan City is the most daring, except for common tea drinking, edge-burning stoves (eat hot pot), eating snails, etc… Zhongshan people also love to eat glass worms, wind squid (salmon), dog meat, snake meals, voles, etc. The cooking methods are varied and varied, depending on whether you have the courage. The most representative foods in Zhongshan are:

The Shiqi squab is an excellent traditional local variety in Zhongshan. It is famous for its large size, thick breasts, full muscles, tender and smooth meat, and is well-known in Hong Kong and Macao. As a famous dish of Zhongshan, the squabs are full of colour, aroma and taste. They are braised, simmered, fried, brined, etc.., and they all have a scent of cheeks, and local restaurants often use special dishes to make guests. The best choice for dinner. You can eat the best squab in Shiqi.

Almond cake is a masterpiece of Zhongshan food. It was originally created by the “ Yì wèi lú” bakery. The mung bean powder is the main raw material, and the non-fat fat meat slice is used as a filling. It is chewed with almond fragrance, so it is named. After the almond cake is baked, its colour is golden and green, the cake is fine, crisp and delicious, the sweet and fragrant, the ice is cool and not greasy. For a century, it has been well-known at home and abroad.

When you mention the Sesame Ball, it is natural to think of “the frying, the gold and the silver full house.” This sentence is rich in auspicious meaning. The Zhongshan Shiqi Sesame Ball is quite famous in the Pearl River Delta, and they are in the same name as Jiujiang sesame ball and Hollow sesame ball. In the past, the sesame ball that can only be eaten during the Spring Festival have been used as snacks after meals in some restaurants. In order to attract customers, the “fish and rice town”, which is famous for eating farmhouse vegetables, is as big as a basketball, and its colour is golden…

Standing grain worm, rich in protein, is the famous Zhongshan food. Standing grain worm can be cooked in many ways, such as simmering, stir-frying, or processing it as dried worm, sauce, pie, or soup in clay pot with lotus root and black-eyed pea. Among them, standing grain worm steaming and roasting in an earthen bowl with condiment and sauce is popular among the eaters. Though small in size, standing grain worm as a nutritious tonic brings great benefit for health.

Zhongshan Shenwan Town is back to the mountains, with abundant rain and fertile mountains. It is especially suitable for pineapple growth. Shenwan pineapple, small in size, but thin and fleshy, it is rare that the core is crisp and slag-free, sweet and fragrant without acidity, fruity and rich in cheeks. The pineapple bun made from this pineapple is crispy and sweet, while the body is soft and delicious.