On 15 June 2017, a delegation from our Association welcomed the arrival of three naval ships from China, here to complete a goodwill tour of the Asia Pacific.

Photographed are AZSCA representatives James Wong, Vice Chairman; Jilnaught Wong, Chairman; Alex Cheung, Honorary Life Chairman.

One of the objectives of our Association is to foster good relationships between Auckland, Zhongshan and China. The goodwill generated by our members and in particular, the Committee and Office Holders is reknown. Our Association members always receive warm and generous welcomes from local Officials when travelling about Zhongshan. Some recent examples as reported in articles on this website are Tony & Mary Wong’s visit (150th Anniversary – Founding of Zhongshan) and the 2016 AZSCA Guangdong tour where the touring groups were hosted on numerous occasions with local hospitality.

The Association receives many regular invitations from Officials to participate in events in Zhongshan, China and other parts of the world. We invite you to support the Association’s cause – to register your interest in meeting diplomatic guests from Zhongshan please contact Jilnaught or any other Committee member on  info@zhongshan.nz