Minutes for Website subgroup meeting

21/03/16 at 7 pm at Hee’s Garden

Jilnaught Wong, James Wong, Kylie Hewitt, Vernon Choy, John Lock & Raymond Fong

  1. Agreed to pay Alan $27 per hr to maintain our website
  2. Agreed Kylie to translate Lily’s articles for $0.10 + GST per word.
    1. The process is that Raymond will pass the final version to Kylie and Kylie to translate and finalise, then pass onto John Lock to proofread
  3. Confidentiality of Membership list – Jilnaught suggested that we should keep it to ourselves since the list doesn’t have sufficient information for Lily’s needs. Raymond advised that he has advised Lily
  4. Logo design – agreed to raise it in the next Association meeting and then John will set up a logo subgroup to deal with new logo design. Jilnaught advised that we should find  someone who’s in the community has a design background
  5. Logo on the website – agreed that we should have “New Zealand” on the stamp which will be used on our website because It seems like we have different versions of stamp. For consistency, we agreed to use our stamp as the logo for our website until a new logo is designed.
  6. Just a reminder that our AGM will be held on 20th of April 2016. The committee meeting will be held after the AGM meeting.