Tony and Mary Wong joined celebrations in Zhongshan marking the 150th anniversary of Dr Sun Yat-sen’s birthday. Dr Sun Yat-sen is considered to be the founder of Zhongshan city and a leading figure in the formation of the Chinese political system.

The group photo is a reunion with previous Senior officials of Zhong Shan Overseas Chinese Affairs.

The top photo was at the classroom which Tony and Mary had donated to at Zhou Soong Primary School in the village of Lungtoawan many years ago.  Tony and Mary were taken on a tour of the improvements to the School by the present local officials.

Tony and Mary are very central Auckland Zhongshan personalities. Both have been involved with the AZSCA since its formation. Tony is a Past Chairman and Mary has been English Secretary right from the beginning. Both have very strong ties with Zhongshan politicians and have contributed hugely to our Association over the years.

We hope to add their story to the Pioneers Project collection soon.