Sixteen members, family and friends joined the AZSCA tour of China this March/April.

Special thanks to our Vice Chairman James Wong for organising and leading this trip.

The Association generally conducts these trips to Zhongshan once every two years – keep in touch to find out and join the next trip.

Our Committee is organising a 12-day tour of Guangdong Province.

This tour will depart from Auckland on 23rd March 2016 and will commence in Guangzhou, concluding in Zhong Shan on 3rd April 2016.

At this stage we would like an expression of genuine interest in participating in this tour. We would need a minimum of 15 participants before formalising plans for the tour.

Package Cost

Option 1). Tour and Airfare ex Akl

Full travel of NZ $ 2,900 (twin share). ** Notify your requested return date

Option 2). Tour only.
Organise your own airfare and travel arrangements to meet our tour.
Hotel reservations essential. Travel NZ $ 1,600 (twin share)

If you have an interest in participating, please contact our Vice Chairman, James Wong 黃伯賢on phone (021) 977 287 for a Reservation and more information.

A copy of the full Itinerary is available in Chinese – email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a copy.

– summarised English version appears below

Itinerary – 8-day tour
Leisure Huizhou, Heyuan Evergreen, the Hakka, Fujian earth buildings Chaozhou style

March 23 / First Day:
Meet the group – Stay Hotels
Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport in the afternoon, tour Guangzhou or Dongguan)

March 24 / Day: Guangzhou – Luofushan – Huizhou West Lake – Downtown places Huizhou

March 25 / Day: Huizhou – Heyuan – Dinosaur Museum – Wanlu 2 line – places Heyuan Downtown
13: 00-16: 30 national 4A level scenic boat trip – Scenic] [Wanlu vast blue green lake, with a total area of over 1600 square kilometers, of which there are more than 380 islands, water area of 370 square kilometers, with a total storage capacity of 13.98 billion cubic meters, is 68 times the West Lake in Hangzhou. Wanlu and with Yunnan’s Xishuangbanna, Zhaoqing Dinghushan is called the Tropic of Cancer, “the three East odd desert belt on.” On the Moon Water Bay: It is Wanlu water recreation center, swim in among mountains and rivers; arrived mirror flower Ridge: Walk pine forest, winding streets, San Tan Ying green, pro-green fairy couch, Green Lake sunset, sea turtles and other double views follow. Upon arrival Dragon Island: Crane Song, elusive pine, strange pines.

March 26th Day: Heyuan Su Wai – Meizhou Various Artists – Yeshuai House – Stay Hotels

March 27 Day Five: Various Artists Tea Tin Resort – Fujian Province town under the ocean – Nakagawa Ancient Village – Ocean Township under the sink

March 28 On the sixth day: Hongkeng Yongding earth buildings – Travelto Chaozhou

March 29 the seventh day; after breakfast visit Chaozhou Attractions:
Go to Chaozhou poised Yansangwararam hospital east Guangdong essence Yansangwararam Institute, South China most full calligraphy Beilin Yansangwararam homes, and even collusion of Thai cultural Yansangwararam hospital, a located in Chaozhou City Yan Feng foothills suburbs magnificent building groups.
After exploring Han Wen Gong Temple, Chaozhou Chaozhou Han Wen Gong Temple is one of the eight “Han Temple oak” is located. It is currently the best preserved one of the oldest of the Tang and Song Han Yu Memorial Ciyu. Dating back more than 800 years of history. Then visit one of the four bridges China’s Xiang Zi Bridge (including the bridge fee), lunch taste “on Kaiyuan Qingxin vegetarian feast”, after the country’s largest stroll century arch street, just like the space shuttle, to reproduce the old downtown scene eyes. 4 rickshaw into the Chaozhou ancient dwellings – Hill Classic Lane, champion and third, the doctor first, Yew first, right into every ancient courtyard buildings in the former, the distance came the melodious aria local theater, gently and immediate landscape together, so that you feel the unique charm of a small town in the South. Then explore the beautiful scenery of the ancient city wall in Chaozhou, Riverside cultural corridor, enjoy the beautiful scenery of Chaozhou, surrounded by three mountain water. Ming tower buildings represent Guangji door appearance, folk crafts Kui Bao Tin Hau Temple; afternoon visit SAR Shantou, Shantou hotel after their stay.

March 30 Day 8: Tour Shantou Special Administrative Region
Shantou municipal fitness and leisure venues Lim Por Yen International Convention and Exhibition Center Plaza, a charming seaside promenade, People’s Square, Waterfront Park, visits to the Yasukuni temple white tip — Lishan Temple of Our Lady, the seven towers, resembling Dong Drum Tower, next nine days Goddess Temple, these two temples are collectively referred to as “tip Baiyun Temple”, the park is full of folk arts and culture landscape, called “Chaoshan Folk Cultural Grand View Garden. ” Gordon Temples million may bottomed carriage and maritime SAR panoramic Shilin, very spectacular.