The AZSCA has always held annual mainstream functions to encourage members to venture out, re-unite with Zhongshan friends and enjoy a fine bouquet meal.

These events are the January Yum Cha, the May AZSCA Anniversary dinner, the Auturm Festival dinner in September and the Spring tour in November.

The AZSCA Activities group was formed to encourage even more networking and fun – particularly amongst our young members. The Group will host a number of smaller social events during the year which will allow member families to get together more often.

Some event ideas are:

  • Beach BBQ
  • Waiheke day trip
  • Movie night
  • Fishing – day trip
  • Chinese Opera/Exhibitions

Please forward your ideas and suggestions.

The next events planned for June and July:

  • Quiz night
  • Steamboat dinner

Keep a lookout on our website for specific details which we will post closer to the event.

Refer to for more information
Email to make your booking.

We look forward to seeing you at a future event.

The AZSCA Activities Group